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ayurvedic medicines diabetes diabetes cure natural diabetes cure herbal medicines diabetes treatement


aurvedic medicines diabetes diabetes cure natural diabetes cure herbal medicines diabetes treatement

DIABETES - A chronic disease
What is diabetes?
DIAFREE - A precious gift to diabetic patients
What is so unique about Diafree ?
How does Diafree work ?
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DIAFREE Offers a permanent relief from Diabetes ! The herbal based Unique DIAFREE Treatment is highly active against Diabetes and eliminates this dreadful disease within a very short span of time.
Diabetes is widespread globally ranking as one of the most common chronic disease.  Millions of people all over the world suffer from Diabetes for years and increasing every year.
Glucose is used by our cells for the production of energy, and this takes place only in the presence of a hormone produced in the pancreas called Insulin. In the absence of Insulin, glucose cannot be utilized by the tissues. It accumulates in the blood. When the level of glucose in the blood rises above 180 mg percentage, it starts leaking into urine. This is called Diabetes mellitus or Diabetes.
aurvedic medicines diabetes diabetes cure natural diabetes cure herbal medicines diabetes treatement
The hardships and infliction of a Diabetes patient's life is very pathetic. Ever since this disease was found to be existing as a threat to human health, no medicine could cure it permanently. Diabetes leads to several serious short and long term complications like Diabetic Coma, Strokes, Kidney Failure, Neuropathy, Angina, Heart Attacks, Cataract, Gangrene, Ketoacidosis, Dehydration, Constipation, Frequent Urination, Loss of Sleep, Physical Weakness, hypertension, Impotency, Abortion, Septic Skin Infections Carbunclesand many health problems.

Drugs and Insulin injection may not be effective at all times. Moreover they have enormous side effects and lead to numerous allergies by affecting the non-target organs and cause complications. Not all age groups have the same medicine or treatment with Allopathy and other medicines.

All medicines available for Diabetes can only control the level of sugar in blood stream and should be consumed throughout your lifetime, which is very expensive.

DIAFREE TREATMENT CENTRE introduces , Ayervedic medicine for a complete, relief from Diabetes in short period of time according to the complication. 
aurvedic medicines diabetes diabetes cure natural diabetes cure herbal medicines diabetes treatement
Nature with its enthralling green ranges of mountains, posses not only beauty but also the treasure of life saving herbs.  Herbs with high medicinal values collected from these mountains are kept beneath the soil and fermented for 12 months.That are processed with more care and are formulated according to the need of the patients.

Each treatment includes medicinal herbs like Harda Zard, Balela, Momordica charantia, Syzvigium jambolenam, Gokshura, Shylajit, Terminalia Belarica and many….
DIAFREE TREATMENT: Has PROVED no side effects or allergies.

Being a herbal - based formula DIAFREE  is absolutely chemical - free. aurvedic medicines diabetes diabetes cure natural diabetes cure herbal medicines diabetes treatement The amazing effect of DIAFREE not only relieves you from Diabetes in Short Period but also ameliorates your whole system and relieves you from many other diseases associated with Diabetes.

Allopathic medicines are products of combination of various chemicals.

Treatment for Diabetes by using allopathic drugs gives only a temporary relief.  One should always be careful to take drugs that falling victim to allergic problems and serious side effects due to the continuos intake of harsh chemicals that damage our organs and systems.  DIAFREE Treatment is guaranteed to have NO Side Effects and Proved Safe.

HHow does DIAFREE work ?
aurvedic medicines diabetes diabetes cure natural diabetes cure herbal medicines diabetes treatementDIAFREE Treatment an absolutely chemical - free Treatment, enhances the production of Insulin by inducing and rejuvenating the pancreas, thus facilitating the intake of glucose from the blood stream by tissues. The remarkable action of DIAFREE also eradicates the complications associated with Diabetes and also the effects created by Allopathy and other medicines.
NO DIET CONTROL IS NEEDED DURING MEDICATION. Your routine, timely meals can be continued without any alteration as Per the advice of our expert dietician.
Consuming either vegetarian soup of any kind or non-vegetarian soup (especially liver or kidney of Goat) is advised, since it accentuates the effectiveness of the medicine during the medication period. Any body can benefit from DIAFREE Treatment regardless of age.

DIAFREE is the only medicine for DIABETES that does not need lifetime treatment. The ultimate goal of DIAFREE Treatment is the prevention of Diabetes COMPLETELY,PERMANENTLY.

  • The dosage is simple : Two tablets daily : one each after breakfast and dinner.  DIAFREE should be consumed only with boiled cow milk or boiled warm water. aurvedic medicines diabetes diabetes cure natural diabetes cure herbal medicines diabetes treatement Diabetic patients who are already under Allopathic or any other medication need to continue that medicine,as per our Diabetic medication need to continue that medicine, as per our Diabetic Experts instructions for a short period of time along with DIAFREE. Later on, the other medicine should be stopped and DIAFREE Treatment should be continued till the completion of the course recommended by us. The above said procedure is needed to subside the spurious unseen effects of other medicine caused on you. The extraordinary power of DIAFREE starts it special treatment since then to relieve you from the estranged disease and its aggravations. The treatment differs according to the patient's body constitutions and to their health problems.
  • During the medication period alcohol and sugary foods must be avoided. 
  • The cost of Treatment for Type II patients 90 days is Rs. 6000/- only.(With Effect From 01-01-2012 )
  • The cost of Treatment for Type I patients 90 days is Rs. 7200/- only. (With Effect from 01-01-2012 )
  • (USD 130/- and 160/- respectively). For Foreign Patients Air Freight will be charged. If you are interested you can send all the   details of your health with your latest Blood & Urine sugar report. So that we can give you our best treatment to retrieve your good health with our utmost care.
  • Any of your queries can be sent to   Dr.K.Karthikeyan  founder of Diafree Treatment Centre. He dedicates his life for the wellness for the human being. His ultimate aim is to create a disease free and stress free life for the human beings in this world.

    To Know more about him visit….

Permanent Relief From Diabetes Temporary Relief
Eliminates Non - Target Diseases
caused by Diabetes
Cause Damage To Non - Target Organs And Systems
Chemical  - Free Herbal Based Formula Chemical Based Formula
No Side Effects Many Serious Side Effects,Sometimes Even Fatal
No Allergies Cause Allergies
Relief In Short Period No Permanent Relief
Cost - Effective Very Expensive Since Taken Lifelong
No - Diet Control Necessary During Medication Diet Control Throughout Lifetime

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